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Gentle Medicine – The True Causes of Disease, Healing, and Health
Dr. Joachim-F. Grätz

“In modern medicine, we only have local treatment, specialization and chemistry! The diseases are seen as a battle to be fought off from the outside! That is not the case in reality, in nature! The diseases have to do with spirit; they are spiritual, not materialistic. They do not come from the outside in the form of an invasion of microbes. They come from the inside and they have to do with the patient themselves. Thus, I created a medical system, the Gentle Medicine, which is based all along the line on regularities, not only concerning the therapy but also concerning the general medical basics,” Dr. Joachim-F. Grätz states.

Gentle Medicine: The True Causes of Disease, Healing, and Health” (published by Balboa Press, USA) creates a comprehensive awareness for a new dimension in medicine, a medicine of the future that can be a reality today. In this book, walks Grätz readers through how to use natural laws to cure degenerative and chronic diseases, prevent diseases from ever occurring as well as survive and thrive in today’s fast-paced world. He also examines the general decline of human health, the people’s understanding of diseases and how they are diagnosed, how the media manipulates the public, the controversy surrounding vaccinations and more.

This book is based on the practice of natural laws, that is primarily dedicated to the eradication of chronic conditions, and is intended for those who are interested in the basic correlations of health, disease, and treatment. It is easy to understand and written with captivating clarity. targets both young parents and older generations, as well as medical laypersons, people with medical education, and practitioners.

“Gentle Medicine” is featuring the diseases of our times like:
bronchitis, middle ear infections, tympanic effusion, tonsillitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, lyme disease, allergies, hay fever, bronchial asthma, pregnancy complaints or complications, multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, crohn's disease, kidney failure, cardiovascular diseases, hearing loss, polyarthritis, rheumatism, lupus erythematosus, migraine, hyperactivity, herniated disc, parasite infestation, ads, adhd, epilepsy, developmental delays, disabilities, autism, elective mutism, burnout syndrome, (manic) depression, psychoses, obsessive-compulsive disorders, aggressiveness and violence, and some more.

When asked what he wants readers to take away from this book, Grätz says, “For them to understand medicine and draw conclusions for themselves and their families to become and stay healthy, even without studying medicine at the university. In addition, they should get an inkling why our society is the way as it is and cannot get better, unless the system of medicine will change. People should become responsible again, i.e. they should be able to go their own way in a consciously self-determined manner.”

2021, 652 pages
Softcover, 6 x 9in, $34.99, ISBN 978-1-9822-5378-3
Hardcover, 6 x 9in, $48.95, ISBN 978-1-9822-5380-6
E-Book, $8.99, ISBN 978-1-9822-5379-0
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“Gentle Medicine”
addresses the
natural laws and correlations affecting illness and health that most
are unfamiliar with.

Indeed, very few have even an inkling of them, because they are diametrically opposed to their previous knowledge and because they
have never been revealed before anywhere else.

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A book goes round the world, very much for the benefit of all people as well as for the blessing of humankind.

“Even if you are in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.”
“It is the duty of all reasonable people to know the laws of health from the ground up.”
Mahatma Gandhi, India

Gentle Medicine - The True Causes of Disease, Healing, and Health
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