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Gentle Medicine & A New Beginning

GENTLE MEDICINE is not just another book on medicine. It is a MUST read book for practitioners of all systems of medicine with factual compulsive reports of authenticity that throws light on the invasion of reckless science and technology in the practice of medicine and it's obnoxious implications for humanity
and how the patients and people become an adage to such science and technology often leading to forfeiture of individual freedom to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and how conscientious physician too can become a victim to this nefarious system of science and technology in the domain of medicine.

In the background of present pandemic of COVID19 and the accompanying fear psychosis and release of mass vaccination program, without adequate safety profiling, without any indemnification for adverse effects and loss of lives and the mode of trial and error experimentation of pushing every antiviral drug as a sort of knee jerk reaction and to the denial of decent and respectful homage to several lost lives, all in the fear of spread of the pandemic to denial of entry into shopping malls, buses and trains without any vax certificate and curbing the freedom of movement of people,
reading of this book is a MUST for every human being of the world,
ponder over it deeply and arrive at a conscientious decision making and needful action thereof.

I think it is time to say goodbye and ‘NO’ to dirty sleaze, economics and politics of everything.”

– Dr. Vydyanath Subramanian, Homoeopath, India, January 2023, via Facebook –

Timeless information, as it is based on natural laws; no theory!

For more information please see:   

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Why is it so important to read these three books?

Because they help people to become healthy. They help people to achieve almost absolute health, physically as well as mentally!
And thus people also become responsible again. They become self-determined and go their own way.
They will be happy, content, cheerful, free, and self-confident again and will live in peace and harmony.

A utopia? - Then read these three books and put their contents into practice!

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